Social Media Marketing Revolution - Training Guide Ebook



Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest training Guide!


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Social Media Marketing – An Overview
Chapter 2: 8 Reasons Why SM Marketing is Essential
Chapter 3: Manage SM Marketing Campaign Depending on Your Online Business
Chapter 4: The Classic Way to Do Social Media Marketing and Why it is a Waste of Your Time
Chapter 5: Steps to Quicker and Easier Modern SM Marketing
Chapter 6: Niche Research and Targeting it the Right Way
Chapter 7: Your secret Social Media Marketing Weapon: Content Curation
Chapter 8: Reverse Engineer Your Competitors' Top Content
Chapter 9: Fine Tune Your Payload Content
Chapter 10: Market Your List Right
Chapter 11: Unlock the Power of Repurposed Content Chapter 12: Use Automatic Content Sharing
Chapter 13: Scale Up Your Targeting
Chapter 14: Sell to Your List Differently
Chapter 15: Reinvest Your Profits the Right Way