7 Days To Easy-Money:Get Paid To Write A Book [ebook]



Make a fast $10,000 by 7 Days TO EASY-MONEY

Selling a proposal, you and your publisher, and why draft a proposal quickly are some of the subjects covered in this eBook. What's the best way to lay up a proposal for a book? Idea generator one: what you are strong at; idea generator two: your experiences in the past; idea generator three: your expertise; and so much more! Start here to build an idea for your future book!

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*Language: English

*Contents 95 Pages and 25,253 Words.



  • Introduction
  • Day One: What’s a book proposal? Get an idea for your book
  • Day Two: Develop your idea and assess the market
  • Day Three: Write the blurb and outline your book
  • Day Four: Research your book proposal, and flesh out your book's outline
  • Day Five: Write your proposal query letter, and submit it to agents and publishers
  • Day Six: Write the proposal
  • Day Seven: Write the sample chapter and revise your proposal