Get Paid To Write A Book

  • Simple steps for beginners. This book is the first strategy how to start writing a book rather than the writing skill methods.
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I'm not a good writer, but I purchased it to sell digital material and automate money. The volume of pages is little, but it's straightforward, and the processes are well laid out so you can get started right away. It is simple for novices since it covers how to generate ideas and investigate the composition in only 7 days.

Aisling D.

Why is copywriting a success?

Easy to start your small business

Online reading resources have sold well in recent years. There are several sites where anybody may quickly begin selling.

Simple steps in developing your idea

When you think about what you like, your prior experiences, and your expertise, you're certain to get a steady flow of ideas. Let's turn on the fountain.

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If you want to push your marketing, you may generate a six-figure income in a few of years without breaking a sweat.

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Selling a proposal, you and your publisher, and why draft a proposal quickly are some of the subjects covered in this eBook. What's the best way to lay up a proposal for a book? Idea generator one: what you are strong at; idea generator two: your experiences in the past; idea generator three: your expertise; and so much more! Start here to build an idea for your future book!
*Contents 95 Pages and 25,253 Words.


It's tough for someone who has never written a book to write a book like me. I acquired various writing how-to books, but I couldn't get started since I had too many approaches and didn't know where to begin. This book is quite simple and will assist you in breaking down the obstacles of the first step for absolute novices.

Bernard Davis


Do you want to make REAL MONEY by writing?

You already know you can write. Maybe you're even making money from your writing. But, are you getting enough money from your writing? Or is it simply a pastime that costs you more in computers, shipping, and paper than it pays you? According to writers' groups, 95% of authors never earn enough money to leave their day jobs.

What about the top 5% of authors —- aren't they making a lot of money? Only a small percentage of the top 5% are certain. The headliners are well-known authors like as Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Journeymen (and women) authors are also doing well. They are the genre authors, and they write romance, mystery, suspense, and nonfiction. This group's writers spend a lot of time gazing over their shoulders. Will their next book be accepted by their publisher? Is there enough writing going on? (I need to submit at least two novels this year.) What scathing reviews of their latest book will they come across on Amazon.com today? Magazine writers who mix magazine writing with book writing may do well as well. You can generate real money from your writing abilities if you want to. And you can accomplish it swiftly and easily in seven days. How? Launch a copywriting services company.

For almost 25 years, I've made a fair living as a copywriter. It's entertaining, inventive, and profitable.



Get Paid To Write A Book

Your focus must be on putting the thoughts on paper. You can repair anything as long as you have a written record of the problem. The information we're going through will need you to work quickly and not think too much about your job. Your initial draft should not include any thought. As you rework, the thinking will come.