Dropshipping Winning Products 2022 First Week of Agust

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This product is increasing the google trend.

If you sell on Amazon, you would get only $5 profit margin. 

If you sell on Shopify, you would get only $5 profit margin.

If you sell on Shopify using Sales Landing Page, you would get $19 profit!


The Winning Product Name

Pet Pumpkin Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Reply to @stegosaurusjen Maybe the kids need this brush 👀 #kitty #somebody #cat #catoftiktok #fyp #tiktokmademebuyit ♬ original sound - 🐈 Pet Supplies 🐕



Your pet is very rellaxed!

Decorations based on pumpkins, Grooming your dog or cat is a great way to unwind and bond with your furry friend.


How much the Profit

Profit Margin



Selling Pricing



Product Cost





orders: around 1200 orders

stars: 4.6


Selling Strategy

  1. Targeting 
  2. Create Sales LP (It is not product page.)
  3. Post Facebook/TikTok/Instagram



Product Trend

 When I search by "pet brush" via Google Trend;


Trending Area

Dropshiping winning product pet brush
  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. England
  4. Canada
  5. USA


Related Key words

Pumpkin pet brush


"pet pumpkin brush" and "pumpkin pet hair brush" are increasing!


I could sell Higher price than Amazon

This product pricing on Amazon is avg. $12.

But I could sell it for $28,96. Because I researched market and targeting and used Sales Page per the target.

I created the sales page for each segment like;

  • owner's age
  • types of pets such as cats/dogs/rabbits or so on
  • the owner's gender
  • etc..



This product's selling price is not so high and few profit margin, but it is trending so you must start selling now before increasing the competitors.


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