User Interests for Online Business Platforms

User Interests for Online Business Platforms

Etsy vs Shopify vs WooCommerce vs Wix

This graph illustrates the respective monthly USA user interests of four key words at some online business platforms from 9th August, 2020 to 8th August, 2021. One of these words clearly gathers height interests compared with others. 


Which key words are the most popular?

At the end of the last year, Etsy marked 100% interests on the Google Trend. However, its interests have been decleasing since January, 2021. Even if thiough it declines, Etsy still keeps more than 50%.

Shopify is the second most interests and there are no large changes through a year.


Not big changes

The value of Wix did not experience many significant changes throughout the entire year, remaining at about 8 - 6 persent. The interests of WooCommerce was the lowest and almost unchanged around 2%.



Overall, Etsy is the trend these days and I can't see the decline in popularity. There are many platforms for online business, but if you do not have any ideas to start online shop, Etsy would be good.